Sunday, 5 May 2019

Crex crex

There's a Corncrake buzzing his head off across the bay from here! I'm just back from standing on the roadside verge and listening into the still night...."crex crex - crex crex - crex crex". Good set of lungs on that bird (he says with an entirely clean conscience) plus, what with it being just after midnight, no traffic noise to spoil the moment (Saturday midnight up here is possibly a tad less rowdy than Saturday midnight across much of mainland Britain...)

Anyway, it's taken me two whole summers but I've finally caught up with a Corncrake - and in my square too. Ok, probably in my square, tricky to say for sure. That's the 131st bird I've recorded on Skye since moving up here at the end of 2016 and the 91st this year. Guttingly, I missed out on a Sandwich Tern a couple of weeks back, which would have been an entire Skye tick for me, in fact.   

Sometime next week I'm joining a Trailing Azalea hunt up a mountaintop. A real mountain, not just a big, steep hill. I expect I'll fall and die, but failing that I hope we manage to find our target species. Might even get Nebria nivalis whilst up there. 

Talking about Azalea (weak, I know. It's late...)

I still remember the first time I watched this and I just sat there grinning, ha! Enjoy


  1. Glad you finally got Corncrake for the square. And great choice of music.

  2. Not heard that before. What a song!!
    Not seen a corncrake since 1988 when one almost ran over my toes on Colonsay. Happy days!!