Monday, 14 January 2019

Neo, run! The weevil is an Agent

I scooped a medium-sized weevil off a wall a few days back, this afternoon I got around to checking it. As suspected, it was Otiorhynchus sulcatus, the Vine Weevil. Not an uncommon species up here, typically found sitting halfway up a whitewashed wall, as indeed this one was.

I figured I better just double-check I had the ID right. The key makes mention of the relative lengths and widths of various antennomeres so I needed to take a close look at the antennae. Easy, I'll take a quick photo and zoom in to check.

Little did I know that I was dealing with an Agent!

Bullet dodging antennomeres!
Well, that was unexpected. Had I, in fact, discovered the greater of two weevils, I wondered? Either way, this is my tenth species of beetle for the year. Don't worry, it'll pick up soon, I know it will.

Here's the original bullet dodging scene, if you aren't familiar with The Matrix I suggest you set aside a couple of hours tonight and remedy that straight away. Don't bother wasting your life watching the sequels though.

Hint: always aim for the legs


  1. I had a similar agent fly down here last year. A massive surveillance conspiracy?

  2. It's got 8 legs, it's a spider!