Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Potty about Montbretia

Last week, whilst gate-crashing the Wild Flower Society field meeting, I learnt of the existence of a plant called Potts' Montbretia  (Crocosmia pottsii) which apparently grows wild on Skye. Ian Green, BSBI recorder for Moray and our glorious leader on the day, had found a clump the night before (in/near Portree, I think) and had brought a plant with him to exhibit to the rest of us. Happily it appears that I actually took in the relevent details, for this evening I spotted a large clump of a suspicious-looking 'montbretia' growing along the verge at the top of Cuil Road. I've seen it before but had always assumed it was bog standard Montbretia. I grabbed a plant and brought it home with me. 

This, I believe, is Potts' Montbretia. Note the short flowerheads which are held in a more upright position and are of a deeper reddish-orange colour than the usual Montbretia.

Note also that the stem between the flowerheads is far straighter than the zig-zag effect of Montbretia

And finally, unlike Montbretia, the leaves are very upright and spear-like, not at all floppy or droopy. Also note that it is now August and I am wearing a thick jumper. The weather up here is a fickle ol' thing. All I know is that the midges were positively teeming this morning and again this evening. Maybe one day I'll be able to identify them to species level.

I'm off plant-bothering with the Skye Botany Group tomorrow. I shall be bringing my Potts' Montbretia with me, see if between us we can't put a few more dots on the map for it. I'll also finally be meeting Steve Terry, a Broadford based naturalist who seems to know his stuff. Let's hope it stays dry...


  1. Scotland doesn't have "no jumper" months :D I'm assuming you have scanned E&E for Puccinia montbretiacoli? (And OMG it is all over the place, including Fife). I would have had that down as garden escape all the way

    1. Aaah...cheers for the heads up re the fungi. I have Montbretia and Potts' Montbretia sites locally so shall give them a grilling! Undoubtedly is a garden escape, somehow. But not near any gardens that I can see.

    2. Haha! I made it up, but it's bound to be there, right? ;)