Wednesday, 14 December 2016

There's a moose loose...

Just a very brief post, an unexpected addition to the list today was a rather lost looking Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) sitting in the hallway outside the room. Not sure how it made its way indoors, possibly via the backdoor (sometimes it's left ajar when folks pop outside). Unlike the much maligned House Mouse (the clue is in the name...) Wood Mice do not habitually come indoors, although they will merrily forage in gardens and maybe nest under your shed or in a birdbox.

Anyway, it very handily ran straight into a non-lethal mouse trap (ha!) which I picked up and emptied outside near the burn. It was last seen scampering off beneath a fence panel, still alive and kicking. Stay outside little buddy, plenty of seeds and berries out there for you to feast upon. Especially now there's a bird-feeding station just across the driveway. 

I'm pleased to have finally bumped the Mammal tally up from a measly one (human!), pity I didn't think to take a quick pic though. That's the 194th species I've recorded from the 1km square NG3963 so far this month.

Here are a few links to information regarding the Wood Mouse, Britain's most numerous mammal

From Countryside Info 

Late night update - a Winter Moth (Operophtera brumata) was settled on the lit bathroom window about an hour ago. I potted it to confirm the identity, took a few pics and released it back outside again. This individual is a male, the females have tiny stubby wings and are totally unable to fly. The closely related Northern Winter Moth (Operophtera fagata) is a tad larger and paler than the much commoner Winter Moth, although both are present on Skye so I shall have to keep my eyes open for the other one. Winter Moth will, as its name suggests, fly throughout the winter right into February whereas the Northern Winter Moth's flight season is usually finished by the end of December. So that's my first macro-moth for the square safely in the bag.

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