There are two rivers run through NG3963 - the final quarter mile or so of the River Conon before it spills into the bay and maybe 100 metres worth of the River Rha as it too enters the sea. There are several small, steep, freshwater burns that bubble across (or under) fields on their way down to the sea. Plus there is the sea itself, of course. The two rivers will hold fish, although I have no idea which species are present. Possibly only small brackish-tolerant species in the lowest reaches, such as flatfish and gobies. It seems unlikely that any of the burns will hold fish, though I'd be happy to prove myself wrong. The beach has a distinct lack of decent rockpools. There are a couple of rather pathetic examples, however small fish do occur under and between the exposed rocks at low tide. It's quite hard work sometimes, but perseverance has paid off already. My list of fish species in NG3963 is quite a short one, I think fishing from the shore will be the best way for me to increase the tally. Who knows what's awaiting discovery in those murky waters..?

Here are the species I've encountered so far

European Eel (Anguilla anguilla) from beneath stones on the mid-shore
Butterfish (Pholis gunnellus) guarding her eggs beneath a large stone
Lesser Sand-eel (Ammodytes tobianus) distance from eye to end of the snout is approx 1.9x diameter of eye
Shore Rockling (Gaidropsarus mediterraneus) one of a pair beneath stones on the lower shore
Montagu's Sea Snail (Liparis montagui) in a very shallow rockpool
Egg case of a Thornback Ray, empty and hence not included in my total - but great to know they're here!

Also Brown Trout occasionally seen in the River Conon in a pool just upstream from the weir or at the weir itself, plus a leaping Salmon in the bay (17th September) but no photo's of either yet.

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