Photo gallery of the Mollusca found in NG3963. From now on I shall make a concerted effort to obtain half-decent images for every species. I'll replace this initial collection of pictures with better ones as I take them and add new species as I encounter them. Updated 16th May 2017

Arion flagellus (Green-soled Slug) 
By far the commonest large Arion up here so far
Arion ater (Black Slug)
Fringe lines penetrating into sole distinguish from black coloured A.flagellus
Arion circumspectus silvaticus (Silver False-keel Slug) 

Arion distinctus (Brown Soil Slug)

 Arion intermedius (Hedgehog Slug)

Boettgerilla pallens (Worm Slug)

Boettgerilla pallens - first discovered on Skye in the early 2000s

Deroceras invadens (Tramp Slug)
Deroceras invadens - a successful invasive alien in Britain
Deroceras reticulatum (Netted Field Slug) 
An extremely variable and common species in NG3963
Deroceras laeve (Marsh Slug)

Lehmannia marginata (Tree Slug)
Commonly found climbing tree trunks in wet weather
 Limax maximus (Large Grey/Leopard Slug)

Limax cinereoniger (Ash Black Slug)

Tandonia budapestensis (Budapest Slug)
Very typically this species often carries Slug Mites

Terrestrial Snails
Arianta arbustorum (Copse Snail)
Arianta arbustorum showing the distinctive marbling and dark band on shell surface
Cornu aspersum (Garden Snail)
Cornu aspersum - a scarce find in gardens up here
Balea perversa (Wall Snail)
Balea perversa - an unusual grouping beneath a capstone
 Balea sarsii (Tree Snail)   
Balea sarsii - usually found singly on tree trunks
Cepaea hortensis (White-lipped Snail)
Cepaea hortensis - a typical patterning, note the pale lip

Clausilia bidentata (Two-toothed Door Snail)
Clausilia bidentata - common under loose bark and in drystone walls
 Lauria cylindracae (Common Chrysalis Snail) 
Lauria cylindracea with the larger (but still very small) Balea perversa
 Oxychilus cellarius (Cellar Glass-snail)
Oxychilus cellarius - the brown spotting on the upper mantle is diagnostic
Freshwater Snails
Ancylus fluviatilis (River Limpet)
Ancylus fluviatilis attached to the underside of a submerged stone

Potamopyrgus antipodarum  (Jenkin's Spire Shell)
Potamopyrgus antipodarum - common in mud of a stream in Uig Wood

Radix peregra (Wandering Snail) 
Radix peregra from beneath submerged stones in the River Conon

Marine Snails
Gibbula cineraria (Grey Topshell)  - no images yet
Lacuna vincta (Banded Chink Shell)
Lacuna vincta found on a kelp blade at low tide
Littorina littorea (Edible Periwinkle)
Littorina littorea - common to abundant on the lower shore/rocky areas

Littorina mariae (Flat Periwinkle) - no images yet
Littorina obtusata (Common Flat Periwinkle) - no images yet

Nucella lapillus (Common Dog Whelk) 
Nucella lapillus in the process of laying eggs
Patella vulgata (Common Limpet)   
Patella vulagata - abundant below HWM wherever there are rocks
 Buccinum undatum (Common Whelk)
Empty (and therefore uncountable) egg cases
Sea Slugs
Doris pseudoargus (Sea Lemon)
Doris pseudoargus - a mating pair out of water and a submerged animal

Marine Bivalves
Angulus tenuis (Thin Tellin)- no images yet
Chamelea gallina (Striped Venus)
Dug up from the sand at low tide. These are a local delicacy.
Heteranomia squamula (Prickly Saddle Oyster)

Hiatella acrtica (Wrinkled Rock-borer) 
Found here on the holdfast of a kelp
Mya arenaria (Sand Gaper)
Mya arenaria dug up out of the sand at extreme low tide
Mytilus edulis (Common Mussel)
Mytilus edulis - very locally abundant on a few larger rocks
Lepidochitona cinerea (Grey Chiton) 
Lepidochitona cinerea - commonest chiton to be found on the upper half of the shore
Clearly A LOT of these images are pretty crap! As stated at the top of the page, I intend to improve on these initial images and end up with a respectable gallery of the Mollusca of NG3963. Give it time...

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