Saturday, 13 April 2019

Where to next?

Those of you who have actually met me, know me, have spent time in the field with me - well firstly you have my sympathies... But actually, I never really talk politics, I never really chat religion, I keep it all very superfluous and simple. But that's not to say that I'm a simple man. This is a nature blog, but very (very) occasionally I may twaddle on about relationships or the weather or whatever. But basically it's nature or nowt. Good motto, you can have that on me for free. 

Julian Assange, heard of him? Hopefully. And John Pilger? Course you have. 

Watch this. All of it. Forget the nature crap I spew, just watch this and start your own digging. 

Thank you


  1. John Pilger is one of the greats in investigative reporting but is sadly little heard these days as most people seem want their news in headlines and soundbites so they don't have to think for themselves too much. It's not a long interview by any means but I have to wonder how many will watch it all to the end.
    Short attention spans and a willingness to be told what to think along with so many news outlets being controlled by so few are already ringing the death knell of democracy.

  2. Pilger is not entirely correct on Yemen - The SNP's Angus Robertson has repeatedly attacked the government on Yemen in the House of Commons since Cameron's time ("What will it take for the UK to adopt an ethical foreign policy when it comes to Yemen?"). Chomsky imho does best to lay bare all of American imperialism - especially the "good guys" like Kennedy