Friday, 1 March 2019

What are the Odds?

Today the bosses took the entire staff on a daytrip to Dunvegan Castle followed by a boozy lunch afterwards. No explanation given, and it must have cost them a bomb, but it was pretty cool being given the guided tour of an empty castle, just us and our guide plus a few painters/decorators. The castle is closed until 1st April, so we really were the privileged few. Anyway, I have to admit that even though the interior was pretty sweet, I was itching to be set loose in the gardens, see what I could find. 

It was whilst our guide was waffling on about 'pesky geese' or canoeists or somesuch that I leaned over to peer into the wishing well and was very surprised to find myself eyeballing several small plants of Pellitory-of-the-wall - surely you don't get that on Skye???

Other staff "admiring" my amazing find...
The last time I saw this stuff was September 2018 when Tony Davis and I were beating it after dark at Portchester Castle, Hampshire in the hope of flushing up Bloxworth Snouts (we managed a couple after much effort). Seemingly it likes castles!

Back indoors, I checked the BSBI maps and had to laugh - just a single dot on the map for the entire Inner and Outer Hebrides...centred directly over Dunvegan Castle. Yes folks, today I have accidentally rediscovered the only population of Pellitory-of-the-wall in the entire Hebrides.

Seriously!!! What are the odds of that...

The only good thing to come of it is that BSBI Recorder Stephen Bungard can update the BSBI database. These plants were first recorded here in 1958 and were last noted back in 2010. Ho hum, and I was so excited too...

I almost gave you Wishing Well from Free, then discovered a slightly more kicking version by Blackfoot. But then I remembered this gem, I haven't heard this for...decades? Enjoy! 


  1. Haven't heard that one in a looooong time.

    1. Me either, nice to unexpectedly stumble across a forgotten gem though, eh?

  2. Wow, Blackfoot. That takes me back a long, looooong way