Friday, 6 July 2018

Ride the Lightning Trap

I've been very bad lately, spending far too much time outside of my square, gallavanting around the countryside with the Skye Nature Group/Skye Botany Group chaps. Seen some good stuff though, and a handful of lifers too. But none of that is getting me closer to the 1000 mark for NG3963. 

Thankfully I've the trusty ol' light trap doing the hard work for me. Cheating really, I know. But everybody else does it, so...

Burnished Brass (f.tutti) with the lights off...
...and Burnished Brass (f.aurea) with the lights on! 
A maul of Garden Tigers, or whatever the collective noun is for these beasts
Green Carpet - the only one I've seen up here! 
Middle-barred Minor - becoming quite common lately
Small Square-spot - very common for a short while
Spruce Carpet - managed to get the CMR to agree with the ID too, result!
Triple-spotted Clay - commonest moth in the trap at the moment
Antler Moth - one of two that were in the trap this morning
Agriphila straminella - three of these in the trap this morning
Oblique Carpet - a lifer for me! 
Hmmm, I could probably take a little more time and place these moths on a slightly more photogenic background.

Nah, think I prefer the blue and grey egg-boxes! 
Not much else been happening lately. Yearlist for the 1KSQ is up to 984 species, so I should smash the 1000 barrier next time I have a decent day in the field. Rupert Higgins of Bristol managed 1002 species by 15th July in the 2013 Challenge (he held the record as the fastest 1000 before Ali and Tim went berserk this year) so my aim is to beat that. Nineteen new species in just over a week, that should be do-able. Absolutely no use trying to keep up with the big guns this year though, I've already settled for third place on the podium (he says...)

I've been listening to a lot of covers on YouTube lately, but sometimes you just have to revert back to form and listen to the originals. This is one of the best there is, in my opinion. There's probably a banjo cover somewhere, or a bunch of ridiculously talented ten year old kids giving it their all, but here's the original for you to enjoy. If you like this kinda stuff!

Talking of ridiculously talented ten year olds, this just absolutely blows my mind!

Most of those 17.3million views were me, ha! Gotta love the wee fella on the claves, the girl doing the singing is now quite rightly heading a band and the nutter on the drums - he's just extraordinary!!!

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