Thursday, 7 June 2018


Several of us managed to secure places on The Radiant Queen this evening, a happy gathering on a sad occasion - this was the very last fishing trip being run on this boat. The fish weren't biting, they haven't been all season, and numbers of paying guests have been falling. All in all it was just a matter of time. I feel privileged to have been on the final trip in cracking company and the craic was great. 

Puffins are pretty much guaranteed, we saw a few hundred or so
Lion's Mane Jelly with Moon Jelly - lots of each seen tonight
Massively cropped pic of Neoturris pileata
Rosy Featherstar Antedon bifida  hauled up from the depths
But it's not all about the wildlife, the company was excellent. Love these guys (well, some of them...)

Callum with the only fish of the trip - a huge Pollack...ahem...
Big Lee - one absolutely amazing fella, with his stolen glasses...
Our very own homegrown soon-to-be professional footballers. Maybe.
How do you better a sunset like this?
Of course, you add a (kinda) Titanic moment! Lacklustre Lachlan, haha!
This from a couple of days back, I just happened to look up and this is what I saw

22 degree halo around the sun. Coolness!
Day off tomorrow, need a big push towards the 800 mark I reckon. 

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  1. Horrible news about the fishing. I remember in SW Scotland as kid the fish just drying up due to pressure from commercial fishing. Privatisation of what used to be everybody's