Sunday, 3 June 2018

24hr MegaBlitzing...Part II

The date was 10th June 2017. The Challenge was to record as many species as possible in a full 24 hour period, midnight to midnight, no holds barred. Several teams across the country took part, for the most part we all endured sideways rain for the bulk of the day. One Sussex team successfully smashed the 1000 species barrier, quite phenomenal really (though they had brilliant weather throughout). It was quite possibly the first time that 'the thousand' had ever been achieved in a single day, quite amazing. 

I did my own wee version up here on Skye. They had to bend The Rules to accommodate me, but it was great fun, despite being cloudy and cold, then rainy, then just cloudy, then rainy again. I didn't even swing my fourfold net - not once - nothing flying other than birds and raindrops! You can read about my attempt by clicking here.  

It is almost exactly a full year since the 2017 attempt. Time for a re-run methinks!!!

These pics were taken just a few days ago - it's all starting to look rather productive at last
I'm a bit restricted regards choosing days off work and I'd need two consecutive days to be able to attempt this again (one day to do it, the second day to recover/add up/blog about it). There are Skye Nature Group outings on 12th, 19th and 28th June and a Skye Botany Group trip to Soay on 29th that I don't want to miss, plus I have the 1KSQ PSLers coming up 22nd-24th June. There are certain days of the week that are awkward for me to take off work. It appears that my options are being squeezed somewhat...

As it stands, the dates that currently seem suitable are 7/8th June, 8th/9th June or 15/16th June. Low tide is much better on the 15th. My weather website advises me that there is no rain due up until at least 9th. Which means that lichens and bryophytes will be all reduced to crispy husks and mostly unidentifiable (no change there then!) and the land molluscs will all be hidden away in the deepest cracks and crevices. Get me - making my excuses already, ha! Fuckit, I had a blast last time and I'll have a blast this time too. 

Right, a quick chat with the bosses is in order for tomorrow, see what we can thrash out between us. MegaBlitz Part II coming soon to a screen near you! 

Music! Heck, I've been a bit remiss lately, haven't I? I've forgotten to add a track or two for the past couple of posts. Sorry about that (or maybe you were glad? No accounting for some folks' taste...) So have you heard of this bunch? I've listened to them maybe once or twice, the title seemed appropriate for the forthcoming 2018 Uig MegaBlitz

And this has just come to me, haha! Early Metallica belting out this gorgeous classic, back from when they were screamingly raw and fresh (rather than super polished but boringly bland...)

Yup, I'll be Blitzkrieging my way through NG3963 soon, very soon...


  1. Good luck and look forward to your blog post about it.
    (From last year I seem to remember it is important you get the time of high tide correct!?)

    1. Tide time is important, but not as important as remembering it correctly, ha! Bosses have been approached, all went well, and a date has been set for middle of the month. Watch this space... :)

  2. Yes! Get us within touching distance of 1000. Can we have your 2018 fly list so we know what we already have? (email). From what i remember tides are great when we're up - though since it's only going to be dark for about 30 minutes that wouldn't be hard.

  3. 1000 species weekend? (btw the Sussex team were working a broader area than a 1k square, right?)

  4. The Sussex team had a whole VC to play around in, the dirty rotten cheats! :D I'll ping you the (rather short) dipteran tally so that you ca cross those 20 odd spp off the list....