Friday, 20 April 2018

The not so Redpoll

It's been a miserable old day, weatherwise. No painting or mowing achieved whatsoever, though the sun has finally broken through now that I've finished work. Indeed it's a lovely evening, if still somewhat cold in the wind. As per usual, plenty of activity on the bird feeders and table including a darn fine male Reed Bunting again. No females yet, but certainly at least three different males this past month or so. I looked up from my desk and this bird caught my eye

Lesser Redpoll - presumably a female/1st year bird judging by the lack of pink
So what, you ask. Well look closer. Look at the colour above the eye... The following pics are  completely unedited, they're straight off the card. All digi-binned through the double-glazing too, which is why they're a bit naff. Just click an image to enlarge. 

Lesser Yellowpoll, nice! I did a bit of internet trawling, apparently somewhere between 10-20% of the Redpolls (presumably ssp cabaret) in NW Scotland exhibit some degree of yellow replacing red in the crown feathers. This is commonest in females (and also in captive birds, which may imply an association with diet) and there is a whole spectrum grading from standard pink through yellows, golds and oranges. It's not something I can say I've ever noticed before, but I shall be keeping my eyes open for more birds like this one. 

Chris Martin sang a song about things being all yellow, but there's not a hope in hell of me ever playing a Coldplay song on this (or any) blog. I've actually held a football that had been signed by the entire band, I should have burst it and thrown it onto a fire but it wasn't mine to destroy. Have this instead, bet you haven't heard this for a while!

Staying with Zappa and his crazy lyrics, and the yellow snow theme, have a try of this...

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  1. Not that I'm questioning this feature here - an interesting genetic tale indeed - but it always throws me when a bird has pollen on its face!