Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Exciting Additions!

Continuing on from the last post (would I decide to go for the iconic mammal or a potentially punishing fight with what could be my Species of the Year...), I typically decided to do something completely different. Seventy five minutes of a sensation possibly akin to having my upper back savagely mauled by a sewing machine and this was the end result

Can't believe he shaved my back!
I do actually own a pair of shoulders, despite the camera implying otherwise. The guy who took this pic asked me to hunch over like a gorilla so he could get a clear shot without my shoulder blades getting in the way. Or something like that. He probably just enjoys watching folks impersonating animals. Anyway, it's my first time being inked in over twenty years and I'm happy with it. 

I was still trying to decide between heading somewhere for a Pine Marten stakeout or veering across to Oban with its 'monster' when I passed a sign that seemed to be aimed directly at me

A portent if ever there was!
I'm not massively superstitious, but with wording as clear as that I figured, heck - why chance it? Storm Emma, the so-called Beast from the East, was due to hit. Did I really want to be caught in a whiteout up Tyndrum or Glencoe? I promptly abandoned plans and headed straight back to Skye a day or so earlier than planned. 

I ended up watching Bladerunner 2049 with the housemates. It's alright, definitely nowhere near as good as the first one, although by the time it finished at about 1am, I was rather mashed on vino. It's entirely possible that my judgement may have been impaired. I can't actually remember how it ends.

On a nature-related point (seeing as how this IS meant to be a nature blog, after all) my nice new shiny moth trap had arrived in my absence. Click here for a link to the official blurb. 

It very neatly flat-packs into that briefcase it's standing in
I had to slightly enlarge a notch in one of the baffles and decided to tape another couple of bits to the centre bar (I could see them dropping off into the trap when I remove the lid) but other than that it seems alright. Pretty basic, the workmanship isn't going to win many prizes, but hopefully this will do the trick and attract a huge variety of night-flying insects for me to record. Mostly midges, doubtless. Bound to get a decent range of moths though, along with diptera, caddis, beetles, bugs, maybe even a Storm Petrel! Typically it's bloomin' frigid out there tonight. I've even closed my window! 

Only ever going to be one song tonight, the quote on my back is from the lyrics to this track. As always, enjoy. 


  1. There's no way I'd spend 75 seconds in the same room as anyone with any kind of needle!

    That shiny new toy looks just the job, you could put it in your bedroom and leave the window open as we are having such warm weather at the moment ;)

    1. Brilliant idea! I've just checked - my window sill is 17 inches deep. I could open the window, stick the lit trap on the sill and close the curtains between the trap and the rest of the room. Sweet!!! Could get a few Dotted Borders, Pale Brindled Beauties, Ophion obscuratus and migrating Pink-feet with luck :)

  2. Oooh, moth trap. I've been off grid for so long. But I did manage a nice foray into the deep intertidal yesterday. Off to read yours now ...