Thursday, 24 August 2017

Kellogg's Barkfly -They're Gr-r-reat!

Just a very brief post, one without any images too. 

I managed to break my laptop a wee while back and am now using an old Samsung Chromebook that a member of staff kindly let me take off his hands. I'm kinda struggling with the way it works though and uploading images is a complete 'mare. So until I figure a quicker way of doing things, this is all you're getting. Sucks to be you...

The weather here has been either wet (when I'm not working) or lovely (when I'm on shift) so I haven't seen too much of note lately, though I did blast out today and added a few new species to my 1000 Species Challenge. I'm up to 869 species now. Would be nice to hit 900 by the end of the month, but that's probably about as likely as a Yellow Warbler turning up on my bird feeders.

I found a very small, very fast, hairy thing on the underside of a rock today. I somehow chased it down and popped it into a pot. Turned out to the uncommon psocid Pteroxanium kelloggi (what a cracking name!) NBN shows just two records for Scotland, the Barkfly Recording Scheme states that it is uncommon in Britain and Ireland. I emailed a set of images to the Highland Recorder, once I'd figured out how to find them.

Anyway, that's quite enough bitchin' from me. Hopefully normal service will be resumed fairly quickly. I'll try and make it a good one for you :) 

Click here if you would like to see what a Kellogg's Barkfly actually looks like!


  1. Modern technology is great until it breaks down and leaves you stranded.
    That Barkfly is definitely not one of nature's beauties, that's for sure.

    1. Are you kidding me? It's lovely! Did you check out the swanky head pattern and eye-stripe? And it's stubby wee wingtips? Tis a lovely critter. Was a lovely critter...until I gassed it and popped it into alcohol.

  2. Presume you were drunk when you broke it

    1. Actually no, it was more of an internal issue rather than one of me drunkenly standing on it. Though I probably didn't help matters any when I launched it across the room in frustration. Kicking it afterwards probably didn't help either.