Sunday, 23 July 2017

Time Flies Like An Arrow

"Time flies like an arrow...

...and fruit flies like a banana"

And here's the living proof -

Hung up at 2pm, still nice and fresh
Starting to turn by 9pm, and yep the fruit flies have arrived!
Why, you may ask yourselves, am I hanging bananas from a tree? Well you can thank Skev for this. He's a keen moth-er and has recently revived his brilliant blog. It's well worth a look just for the stunning images, anyway the bit about "banana-ing" is here. I hope it works, seems a more natural way to record moffs than light-trapping (the fact that I don't have a light trap has absolutely nothing to do with it whatsoever...) My Czech housemate caught me in the act of hanging them up, he seemed genuinely thrilled that we now have a banana tree in the garden. I'm sure he things I'm completely bonkers and is just humouring me.

Had a bit of an avian happening today, well several in fact. First up was a stunning low-level Bonxie flying right over my house. Wow, that really was utterly unexpected! Next concerned a text message from my boss telling me there was a Corncrake calling just down the hill. I dashed off, it turned out to be a Sedge Warbler making funny noises but worth checking nonetheless. Whilst by the beach I scanned the sea and found a flock of Greylag Geese swimming along, patch tick! A roosting flock of nine Curlew is easily the highest count of the season, return migration is definitely well underway. Then I heard a diver singing from out in the bay! A bit of scanning into the sunlit waters revealed a lone Red-throated Diver, first I've seen here for some while. 

It'll be dark in about 90mins time, or as dark as it gets up here at the moment. I'll take a torch to the bananas, see if any moffs have arrived yet. Fingers crossed this actually does work!


  1. I am on the edge of my seat here ... and planning my next banana session. Recorded my 79th patch moth species (and 80th with some id help!) with headtorch last night. Just saying ;)

  2. 57 patch moffs for me this year. All either day found or to security lights/in the bathroom etc. Bananas are rubbish so far, just small flies though last night was cold. Maybe they need to rot some more rather than just go dry, as appears to be the case here. 17 assorted finches of 4 species on the bird table at the mo, which may be a finch record!

    1. I'm already thinking of adding rum to the mix somehow. Seems to be a staple of sugaring, though god knows that's never worked for me!

  3. I could always hang up the banana and put the rum in a mojito ... yeah, that's a better idea