Monday, 31 July 2017

The Beast of Boggy Creek

You may recall that last week I discovered a Sphagnum bog in my square. This came as a delightful surprise, a new habitat means a whole new suite of species. And indeed I did add quite a selection of bog-loving plants and a few inverts too. But, being the kind of PSLer who is never happy with what he's got, I needed to get back up there and try for more boggy stuff. I had one near-mythical creature in mind, The Beast...

But before all that, whilst doing the mowing, I managed to see my first Scotch Argus of NG3963 (the lines on the lawn may have gone a bit awry at that moment) followed by a Common Hawker in the hotel grounds, which quite unbelievably represents my first odonata of the year in Uig! No pics of either though. 

After work I headed up the hill in the early evening light and entered the bog in search of The Beast. Due in part to the recent rains, and part because it's a bog anyway, it was just a tad moist underfoot

Makes a fantastic noise though!
Lots of Marsh Cinquefoil, Bogbean and Sphagnums are the giveaway signs to it being somewhat wet underfoot. I went bog-hopping, never standing still for too long (else I began to sink) and aiming for any tussocks where available. Probably be a good idea to bring my wellies next time. 

I stumbled into a fine patch of Lesser Clubmoss including several bearing cones. It's a rather diminutive plant but one that I'm becoming fond of, with its spiky leaves and weird fruitbodies. 

Habitat shot amongst sedges, sundews, heather, tormentil and Sphagnums
Microscope pic showing the cones nestled amongst the spiky leaves
 Another locally dominant plant was this bad boy

Common Cottongrass Eriophorum angustifolium amongst Lesser Spearwort
Suddenly the sedges immediately ahead of me moved as something large and heavy pushed its way forward. I froze, could it be....could it really be...that I had found The Beast of Boggy Creek? I quietly shlurped my way forward through the muck. The sedges moved once more as the hidden creature surged powerfully away from me. Shiiiiiiit, I couldn't lose it now! I ran forward, camera at the ready, desperately keen to record the existence of this elusive creature. My adrenalin levels were racing, my heartbeat was pounding in my head, I began to sway with the tension of it all. The sedges moved once more, my quarry had given itself away for the last time. Like a ninja I leapt, camera thrust forward...and there, in all of it's terrible glory stood The Beast itself! Far larger than I could have ever expected, possibly a giant amongst giants. It fixed it's baleful eye upon my stunned visage and it was all I could do to press the shutter button and hope for the best as it loped off once more into the depths of the bog. Had I captured it's image where so many others have failed? Fkk yeah!!!

The Beast...proof for all you non-believers
I didn't quite know what to do with myself after that. Still shaking with disbelief, I could hear it crashing further and further into the bog, smashing down sedges and shaking the earth as it departed. It's not every day one comes face to face with such a creature. Indeed this was my first encounter in the square this year. Maybe one day, at an unexpected moment, I may encounter The Beast once more. Maybe. 

Quitting in the evening light, I turned around and witnessed something truly special

Behold - the grave of a leprechaun...
 This film scared the shite out of me as a child and began my lifelong interest in Sasquatch. I'm gonna watch this tonight for the first time in about 37 years...


  1. It's just a silly old frog! My bog envy continues unabated however. Also I'll know shortly whether my target of one Odonata is going to be hit or not. It's these things that drive us on ...

    1. What!!! Ain't no such thing as a silly old frog, you silly old bean. Best frog ever, apart from the three-legged red one I found as a kid. BTW, the film was a lot scarier when I was younger. Still great though!

    2. Actually this reminds me that my frog record came out of a coastal rock pool. Looking back on that moment I now realise how lucky I was to see one at all. I need to untangle my fishing reel. I had such high hopes for that until i screwed it up.