Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Mompha propinquella

It's been a stunningly beautiful day up here today, clear blue skies and some real heat in the sun. So much so that I was tempted to swing a net around in the garden for the first time since moving here. I headed for the massively overgrown area of nettles, woundwort, dock, meadowsweet and willowherb, swooshing away as I went. Quite a few bugs and hoppers, a few tiny spiders, lots of cuckoo spit everywhere. I potted a few bits and bobs including a rather striking-looking micromoth which I couldn't readily put a name to. 

Back indoors I had a flick through the book and stopped at Mompha propinquella. That looked good, and UKMoths looked even better, but the two month old distribution map that we Skye moffers look at showed it to be absent from the area. Hmmm. It's all over the adjacent mainland and even on the Outer Hebs, but no records for Skye. I checked the book and UKMoths, plus a few more websites again. Still looks good for propinquella to me. Eep!

I jumped onto the Skye Moth Facebook Group and added the following two pics of my moth

And the general consensus is that it really is Mompha propinquella, and a new species for the Skye list. Also new for my own list, being my 1057th species of British moth. How cool is that, in my own back garden!


  1. Nah mate, more like Aphrophora alni or somesuch I think. Big buggers anyway. And thanks! :)

  2. Oh, I just meant you didn't find any? The nettles are crawling with them here.