Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Big Year WP Birders

I've been keenly following the exploits of three Swedish birders who, possibly for the first time ever, are going for a properly organised Western Palearctic Big Year. They began the year in Kuwait and have trotted across to Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Western Sahara, they even turned up here in Britain for a bit of impromptu twitching! Plus they've birded Sweden whilst back home between trips. They've just embarked on a long trip (over 100 days duration) scooping up what they can where they can. They can be followed on their page at Big Year WP 2017

So why am I blethering on about these lads on my 1ksq blog? Well because their total for the W.Pal and my total for NG3963 are very similar. They're just about to hit a huge glut of returning summer migrants, I'm hoping for a modest glut of invert activity. I still haven't seen a bee here yet.

As of today the Swedes are on 408 species of bird this year and I'm on 413 species of everything. If you'd like to see how the bunch of us attempting our own 1000 species in a 1ksq are coming along you can check it out here. There's a new numero uno on the scoreboard and County Durham has now joined the action too.

Come 31st December who knows what the figures will say? Will they (or will I) burn out and chuck it all in before then? Will events dictate that we scrap our plans? Or will we both come home in a blaze of glory, new records having been set, that'd be nice. Maybe I'll find that Glaucous-winged Gull in late December and they'll come across for me to show it to them...haha!

No pics I'm afraid but I have a day off tomorrow and (wonder of wonders) it's actually meant to be dry and sunny, though only 5 degrees. I'll take that thank you very much, I was spreading salt last night!

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