Thursday, 16 March 2017

400th of the 1000

Rapid blast down to the shop after work (between the preposterously heavy hailstorm showers that have been pulsing through all day) gave me all of five minutes at the shore scanning through the gull flock. And there it was...number 400. Here's the only pic I managed of it, just in the nick of time as it flew off!

adult Lesser Black-backed Gull
400 relates to the number of species out of a hoped for 1000 that I've seen so far this year in my home 1km square of NG3963. The idea is explained on this page and there's plenty of room for anybody who wants to join up and have a go at their own square.


  1. Reading about your pan-species listing makes it sound quite appealing but I think I'm rather too old to contemplate trying to learn about and identify all those plants and tiny creatures out there but it has given me an idea. There is an old quarry now cared for by the Dorset Wildlife Trust which covers an area of around 0.1 Km, small but good for plants and butterflies and within walking distance for me. Running a smaller personal version of the pan-species listing might be just the thing to get me out there more often and pay more attention to the smaller things things I come across.
    Thanks for the idea (and the headaches it will cause me).

  2. Absolute pleasure, and best of luck. But don't come crying to me when you decide to expand your PSLing further afield and it takes over your whole life. Oh btw, you're never too old for these things! Looking forward to reading of your exploits, discoveries and adventures in that 0.1km area :)