Friday, 3 February 2017

Busy Busy

Workwise it has been a bit of a busy couple of weeks for me. We're currently shut down for a major re-dec, have been since second week of January. The hot water and heating are back on at last which means we can shower like normal people rather than boiling water on the hob for baths. It also means I've had my first shave for a month! 

Anyway, we partially re-open next week and then it's back to business as normal the following week - all of which means I'll have more time for mucking about with the natural history in NG3963. Less time spent up ladders or covering myself in paint and more time up the hills and on the shore, me likey. My 1000 species in a 1km square challenge has pretty much stagnated this past fortnight. That's about to change. I see you, species number 300, and I'm coming to get you soon!  

My new lawn-mower arrives

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