Sunday, 25 December 2016


Enjoy a small festive treat on me, a reminder that there's more to December 25th than the twisted, perverted, truly ridiculous sham of a pretence that is the Christian's c-word. But I digress.

Unfortunately I had neglected to bring tinsel or baubles. Careless, I know.
Presumably this is one of the sheep that came down off the hills during the last few of days of storms. There were a whole bunch of them on the treacherous slope above the River Conon a couple of days back, seeking shelter from the strong winds and driving rain. I guess this one fell in, where it would have been battered around a bit on the rocks, before being carried out into the bay.

Your destructive habitat-munching days are over,  me old mucker.
That's one less woolly maggot helping to trash our countryside. I was recently shown a ridiculous FB post regarding the ongoing plight of deer in the Scottish Highlands, presumably applied equally whether referring to the native Roe, dubiously native Red or wholly alien Fallow and Sika? How the poor wee beasts are being driven into conflict with man due to far too many deer fences, hence depriving them of their traditional slopes, rutting grounds, shelter belts and so forth. Aah bless. The sooner the Scottish government wakes up and starts a systematic culling of the herds the better. But I won't hold my breath. 

Wrack and ruin - literally.
Here's another woolly maggot further up the beach. A midway stage of decomposition between these two corpses will provide me with good hunting grounds for various 'carrion beetles', maybe some nice silphids and staphylinids. I'll have to hope the more recent arrival gets washed higher up the beach than present, not sure how attractive it will be if full of sea water.

Also be worth keeping an eye open for Tetraplodon mnioides, a moss that grows on old bones, sheep carcasses being just about perfect. Maybe more likely up on the hills or in woodland than on the shore I guess, but it has been recorded from Skye already so I shall keep checking.

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